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Insider Ownership

The table below displays the number of non-derivative securities directly held by officers, directors and 10% shareholders as reflected in their most recent Section 16 filings.

Name Relationship/Title Total Held
Ammann Charles B. EVP 50,309
Antle Glen M. Director 1,678
Brown Simon A. VP and GM 31,007
Burra James P. Director 13,744
Cardenuto Rodolpho Director 924
Chang Chris H. SVP --
Costello Mark C. VP and GM 24,087
Couder Sylvia Summers Director 26,487
Edwards Bruce C. Director 50,744
Faltemier Sharon K. SVP HR 37,276
Fulton Alisair VP and GM 1,882
Gillai Saar Director 924
Hankin Rockell N. Director 146,427
Kim James EVP 66,854
Li Ye Jane Director 3,815
Lindstrom James T. Director 21,487
M. Beauchamp Gary EVP and GM --
Maheswaran Mohan R. Director, President and CEO 191,714
Pegulu Marc VP and GM 48,808
Santoro Carmelo J. Director 16,642
Silberstein Asaf EVP 54,133
Wilson J. Michael EVP 97,074

* Represents ownership of less than 1% of total shares outstanding.

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