Semtech Announces Hybrid Memory Cube Compliant PHY IP

June 10, 2014 at 12:00:00 EST

Semtech concludes electrical compliance testing of the Snowbush® family of 28nm Platform Physical Layer IP - confirming support for Hybrid Memory Cube

CAMARILLO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Semtech Corporation (NASDAQ: SMTC) today announced the company has successfully completed electrical compliance testing of its Snowbush® 28nm Platform Physical Layer IP, in support of the Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) specification for ultra fast, next-generation memory.

The Snowbush Platform IP has met the interoperability requirements of the HMC standard with significant margin and passed the rigorous testing required by Micron, a founding developer of the Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium. This ensures compliance and enables system designers to deploy I/O designs that support the HMC standard on their ASICs and SOCs.

Semtech worked closely with Micron to perform silicon measurements on actual hardware to ensure that all the critical elements of this high-speed memory interface meet the requirements of the HMC specification. Such testing relieves ASIC or SOC developers from conducting their own pre-silicon validation and encourages the early use of the interface on systems-level chips.

“Semtech’s comprehensive testing provides our mutual customers with the assurance that the Snowbush® PHY will provide the support needed for deploying systems based on HMC technology,” said Robert Feurle, Vice President of Marketing for Compute and Networking at Micron. “Our work with Semtech is an important step in delivering the performance and power efficiency required by a wide range of next-generation applications.”

Micron supplies the HMC memory chips and Semtech will provide the Snowbush Platform IP to companies that will integrate it into their system-level chips to implement the high-speed link to the memory chip.

HMC has been recognized by the industry as the long-awaited answer to addressing the limitations of efficiency and power consumption imposed by conventional memory technology. With the ability to deliver up to 15 times the bandwidth of a DDR3 module, with 70 percent less energy and 90 percent less space than existing technologies, HMC’s abstracted memory enables designers to devote more time to HMC’s groundbreaking features and performance and spend less time navigating the multitude of memory parameters required to implement basic functions. In addition, HMC manages error correction, resiliency, refresh and other parameters exacerbated by memory process variation.

“By supporting a new emerging standard like HMC, with our silicon-proven 28nm IP platform, we continue to leverage and extend our programmable SerDes solution, which we pioneered over 10 years ago,” said Kevin Walsh, Director of Worldwide Marketing for Semtech. “The users of the HMC memory interface will benefit from our low power, low latency architecture, as this new form of serial memory emerges to deliver high data density per pin at very low power.”

Pricing and Availability

The Snowbush IP supporting HMC in 28nm is available now. Pricing depends on configuration and the number of instantiations in a design. Contact for additional details. Semtech offers comprehensive integration assistance, including field- and factory-based support. Information about the HMC IP and other silicon IP products is available at

As a driving force in the HMCC, Micron has worked closely with lead networking and computing customers and enablers, like Semtech, and has successfully supplied HMC engineering samples for developing next-generation systems. Micron will begin ramping volume production later in 2014. For more information visit or

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